Turning the Nation back to Jesus Christ

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These are some photos of the most wonderful visit to Lahore in Pakistan visiting the churches and schools of Living Evangelism Outreach Ministers (LEOM )and staying with their Founder and Director pastor Samuel Sadiq., his wife Suraya, Son Sunil daughter Huma

Being in fellowship with such faithful Christian was a real joy and we were very blessed in the meetings, both in Lahore, surrounding rural areas and the city of Gurjanwala.

There was a meeting with more than 20 pastors from LEOM, a meeting about a Bible School, a visit to the brickkiln where LEOM provide free education for the children whose parents are Ďslavesí working there and 4 church meetings.

Pastor Sam and he family took me to see the sights of Lahore. A huge thank you to Sunil for driving and interpreting so well and Huma for cooking and helping me a little with some Urdu and the whole family for making me fee so much at home.

Pastor Sam, Suraya, Huma and Sunil with me† at the Lahore Fort

Sam and Sunil on the roof of their home

LEOM provide free education, this is in Lahore in the church meeting room above the pastorís house. He teaches in the Bible School

Sunilís church to the left

And the meeting about the Bible school. The pastor on the right teaches Hebrew.†

The Independence Memorial and the LAHORE fort which dates from the 17th century, the have cannons with GR on dates 1800.

Visiting the Brickkiln and the children who are deceiving free education from LEOM. The Brickkiln owner has unusually given a room for the school and the Christians to meet.

The pastor id on the right in the photo to the left with Sam and me,. You can see the faces of such children. There are many brickkilns in that part of Pakistan

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