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Welcome to the Official Website of revivalUK.org.uk

RevivalUK is a non-denominational Christian organisation with the purpose of turning the United Kingdom back to Jesus Christ.

A motor-home has been adapted for use as a mobile mission centre to visit sites in the UK with presentations, literature etc., to bring the truth of the Christian Gospel to those who would not normally hear the good news.

Invitations by churches are welcomed, in order to visit them and carry out evangelism in the church area, with the intention of bringing new Christians into the church.

RevivalUK believes the only hope for our Nation is a Christian revival to turn men and women away from the sin and corruption of our modern society to a real commitment to the Lord Jesus and His will for their lives.

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‘The Daily Encourager’ Sent by John Obin from Ibadan Nigeria in November2015

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Rounded Rectangular Callout: November 2016 
In Nyakashara near Rushere Uganda. 
I lady leaking urine since an operation, instantly healed and this has amazed the local village
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Visit April 2018


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